Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Sellers Drops a 'Cowgirls' Reference

Mike Sellers has sort of gotten over the media darling thing; he doesn't seem to hold forth quite as much as he used to back in the day. I'm also sensing that a lot of fans have gotten over their previous infatuation with Mike Sellers, who might not qualify as "fan favorite" any more.

But when he does talk, you're reminded why people liked him so much in the first place. Here are four reasons, gleaned from his short post-game interview Sunday afternoon with Larry Michael and

1) He understands how the Redskins are supposed to play football.

"Man, we got back to playing Redskin football," he said. "We ran the heck out of that ball. Plain and simple, that's what we do. And coaches put us in a great position to make plays, and we just kept pounding it, and pounding it, and pounding it, and pounding it, and pounding it."

2) He's sometimes sort of scary. Like, as he finished saying that, he stared into the camera. See above. The man knows how to stare. Also how to grow intimidating facial hair.

3) He's honest-ish.

"Your boy Betts had over 100 yards rushing, and Rock came in and spelled him a lot and did well," Sellers was asked. Or told, I guess.

"They looked good, huh?" Sellers said. "I'm gonna leave it at that."

Might seem nondescript, until you watch the tape and see his eyes roaming to the sky, rolling around like grapes on grease, see the "I'm not going there" smiles creasing his face, and remember how he had a slight disagreement with injured star Clinton Portis earlier in the season, when Portis asked coaches to bench Sellers. So, yeah. Let's leave it at that.

(And before you accuse me of making up fake controversies, watch the interview yourself.)

4) He will rile up a fan base in pleasing, if slightly culturally unacceptable, ways.

"Who do you play next week?" Michael asked him to close the interview.

"Um, Cowgirls, right?" Sellers said.

Yup, Mike. That's right.

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