About Me

First and foremost, I want to be real and fresh with all you; I am the most fanatic Polynesian Football fan on earth! Mark my words, you will not find another Islander who has half as crazy as I am about this game!

The game of football is a great American game. And with every passing year the number of Polynesians or Pacific Islanders playing the game of Football is growing at an astronomical rate. To be honest with you, I just cant believe people have yet to see just how vast an impact this game of Football has made for Polynesians all across America. From American Samoa, to Hawaii, to California, to Washington, to Oregon, Nevada, Utah, Texas, Florida, and many others; the expansion of Polynesians throughout America has only helped in the diversity of Polynesian Football players that play Football.

But with this massively increasing numbers, for the last decade or so I have been noticing an alarming rate of D1A College Football prospects. It seems that more and more prestigious colleges are taking note of these Polynesian Football players. Who for the most part, are just simply born to play the game. In most families ranging from Samoans, to Tongans, to Hawaiians; most kids are taught in their respected cultures to respect one another, and to work hard, but do so with discipline. Most Polys grow up being governed and raised under these traditions. So its only natural to see most of the Polynesian athletes take this traits onto the field. Which most coaches tend to love about Polynesian football players, since in their minds they are so easy to coach, and you wont have to hear about off the field altercations for the most part.

Other than that, I’m a pretty mellow dude, who enjoys being around friends and family for they are the foundations of my life.

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