Friday, February 5, 2010

Journey to Samoa

Cincinnati's Local 12 is joining the Cincinnati Bengals for an away trip ... far, far away ... to Samoa!

Local 12 Sports Anchor Tara Pachmayer joins Bengals players Domata Peko, Jonathan Fanene and Rey Maualuga on their journey to Samoa, the South Pacific Island where they grew up. The five-day coverage event begins Sunday, February 7 after the Super Bowl.

The trio is on a mission of goodwill, visiting their community devastated by a tsunami last fall. Local 12 will be there as the players are reunited with family and friends, and provide much-needed aid to the island they love. Local 12 has agreed to share their experiences from Samoa with, so be on the lookout for the first reports next week. 

"They’re really excited," Peko said. "I’ve talked to a lot of my family and old friends and they say the island is so excited. They can’t wait to see us and we can’t wait to see them.”

Local 12 will take a look at their football roots and trace the footsteps that led them to the Cincinnati Bengals.

“I actually think this is going to be an extremely emotional trip for the Samoan Bengals," Pachmayer said. "We see these guys as big, tough and strong, but they haven't seen their homeland since its devastation, and they haven't yet seen the faces of the people they are going to help.”

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