Saturday, April 28, 2012

Senio Kelemete to Cardinals

With their fifth-round selection, the Cards took Washington G/T Senio Kelemete (6-4, 307), who played his final two seasons with the Huskies at LT but is viewed by scouts as a better fit at G. The Cards are set for starters at RG and LG with Daryn Colledge and Adam Snyder, but Kelemete provides depth after the Cards lost Deuce Lutui to the Seahawks in free agency and released last year's RG starter, Rex Hadnot.

Kelemete is the ideal size for an offensive guard at 6'4" and between 305-310 pounds. He also has good hands and feet and a powerful lower half. Fires off the ball quickly. Has a mean streak befitting a former defensive player, and he will be a solid run-blocker. Beefy enough to handle inside pass rush and can help his tackle with defensive ends rushing inside shoulder.
He needs more experience and needs to work on his technique. He sometimes plays too upright and appears off-balance when he stands up to pass block. Lacks elite footwork or size needed to play offensive tackle in the NFL.
Kelemete is inexperienced at offensive guard and has only been playing on the offensive line since 2009, so he may be a bit too raw to step into a starting role in his rookie season. 
Given a couple years of coaching and game experience, Kelemete should be a solid offensive guard in the NFL for many years to come.
On paper, this seems like a prudent pick for the Cardinals. The ball can't get to Larry Fitzgerald unless the QB is protected, and Kelemete could evolve into a starter in that role. 

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