Thursday, June 18, 2009

5 Q's With Rookie WR Louis Murphy

Wow and double WOW!!!

Watching workouts, it’s clear that another Raider wide-out is trying to make a name for himself. The much lesser hyped Louis Murphy out of Florida is quickly showing just why the Raiders drafted him. Louis’ athleticism is quite evident and seemed almost effortless as he would make the difficult grabs as well as the easy ones wit ease. He also possesses the natural instincts to change his routes and come back towards the ball rather waiting for the ball to come to him. Add in his speed and his 6′-2″ 200lb. frame, and you have the makings of a legitimate deep threat

I was able to slow him down long enough to shoot a few questions to him:

Q: How was your practice?

A: Oh, I think it went well…it went very well.

Q: With your size and speed, what do YOU think you bring to the table?

A: I just bring myself really. Everything I do…everything I do for the game. At Florida, I was considered as a deep threat. Here, they have me doing a lot of stuff; deep routs, crossing the middle, everything. Right now I’m just learning the playbook and learning from the leaders on the team.

Q: Coming from college to the pros, what do YOU feel is the hardest thing for you now?

A: The hardest thing? The hardest thing…for me…is just picking up the playbook. You know, they’re throwing a lot at you real fast. The speed, I can say is kinda pretty much the same for me. It seems like…you know…just some faster linebackers and some faster linemen but on the outside, going against defensive backs and safeties, it’s pretty much the same.

Q: Now, you were talking about you were a deep threat, but a lot of those passes you were making weren’t deep but were very athletic and difficult. Is that an added dimension you’ve always had or is that something you have been working on now?

A: That’s what I did a lot of at Florida too. We had kind of a west coast offense at Florida too. A lot of the plays are the same but the terminology is a little different. I caught a lot of hitches, drive routes, drag routes, shallow routes at Florida, but yeah…whatever the coach has me to do, that’s what I am here to do.

Q: Down in Florida, you had one starter, but here you’ve got Garcia who’s the seasoned veteran and you have JaMarcus who’s been in the league a couple of years; talk about that dynamic because they’re two totally different styles. Are you able to adjust to the two?

A: YEAH man YEAH! Actually, both of them are just coaching me. I just call them “coach” really because Jeff Garcia, after every play, he’s talking to me. Every time I’m out there with JaMarcus, he’s talking to me. I really can’t just pick one style because I’m trying to learn everything…I’m just trying to soak it up.

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