Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Satele Positive on Raiders Upcoming Season

Changing the culture of an NFL team is not an easy task. But in 2008, former Warrior Samson Satele helped the Miami Dolphins improve from a one win team to an AFC power.

In March, Satele signed on with the Oakland Raiders who won just five games last season. Still, Satele says he's positive that he'll be the base of another successful project.

"If Tom Cable sees it, he's been in there for about four years now and the rest of the guys have been there for about six years. He's saying that these guys are working the hardest since he's been there. He always talks about we're not going to be like how we were the last five or six years, we're not going to be like those teams last year or the year before. It's the same things that Sporano said and it worked out good. The guys in Oakland we just got to believe in it and good things will happen," said Satele.

Although Satele was a pass blocker at UH, he's become more of a run blocking center in the pros. It's a skill that fits in Oakland and a style that he looks forward to.

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