Monday, August 10, 2009

Fonoti Improves Endurance

For defensive end Fetaiagogo "John" Fonoti, the playground was the proving ground.

Because of school and family obligations — he has a young daughter — Fonoti made the most of his limited training time. To complement his weight training and conditioning workouts, Fonoti played basketball, volleyball and rugby at various parks.

His volleyball position?

"Outside hitter, of course," he said, smiling.

He also enjoyed rugby.

"There's a lot of running — and no pads," he said. "I see people a lot shorter than me, but they're tough."

The pick-up games proved to be beneficial. Fonoti said he lost 15 pounds, and now weighs 250.

He also improved his endurance.

When he reported to training camp Wednesday, he thought he would be "out of shape" compared to many of his teammates.

But during drills, he noted, "I kept up OK."

McMackin said: "He's in real good shape. He looks good. He runs to the football. He makes plays. He's strong. And he's done well in his classes. He's on track to graduate.That's exciting. He's ready to have a great year."

Fonoti said Taase Faumui, a former UH and NFL defensive end, played in some of the pickup basketball games and volleyball matches. Both are Farrington High alumni.

"I asked him about certain things, and he gave me a lot of tips (on playing defensive end)," Fonoti said.

His stress has been relieved by the birth of his daughter and his mother's improved health. She has completed treatment for cancer.

"She's doing good," Fonoti said. "She's getting better. She had a chance to go to Samoa. She had an awesome time."

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