Thursday, August 20, 2009

Michael Hoomanawanui; Remember This Name!

You Can't Say it, but he Catches Pretty Good:

It seems that Illinois enters 2009 as one of the chosen offensive units, and because I'm on board with the Zooker I'll go ahead and tell you to take a shot on Michael Hoomanawanui.

He can move, and it's my hope that the improved depth among Illinois' receivers will mean more opportunities for Michael H.

Michael Hoomanawanui is a senior now, and he has taken responsibility for helping ensure a great year for Illinois.

Illinois is lining up with two tight ends a lot more this summer than last year. Senior Michael Hoomanawanui is the starter, but Hubie Graham and Zach Becker are both on the field for a lot of snaps.

Michael Hoomanawanui is also one of the league's more underrated players. Also, an All-American candidate. Trust me, by the end of the season you'll know who he is. His name is hard to say, but you'll know you seen or heard it before.