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Fono Commends Troy Polamalu For $100K Football Donation

As a demonstration of their gratitude, all seven high schools assembled at the Veterans Field, wearing their new uniforms. Once again, the whole group burst into song. It was amazing.

A Siva Tau dance by Marist High School on American Samoa. They performed it for us when we delivered the Nike gear to their school on behalf of Troy Polamalu. These kids have great heart.

At the end of our formal presentation of the Nike equipment from Troy Polamalu, the Director of Education and the Lt. Governor of American Samoa led the assembled group in two beautiful songs. Many of the Team Polamalu members were deeply moved by this tradition.

Deutsch Nu'uelua Pu'u, one of Troy's fans on facebook, tells us about the lyrics and meaning of the songs:

Ua fa'afetai ua fa'afetai
ua malie mata e va'ai
ua tasi lava oe tasi lava oe
i lo'u nei fa'amoemoe

We are thankful, very thankful
we are pleased by what we see
your are the one
you are the one
That we have been praying God Blessed

This song is a direct "thank you" from the players and all parties involved. The old song is a story of how grateful everyone is of the things this Son of Samoa has done for his Home.

second songs says:

Ua so'ona olioli nei
lo'u loto ia Iesu
ua ia fa'aola ia te a'u
O la'u lea pese fou

I am so very happy
My soul rejoices you Jesus
you saved me
this is the new song that i sing

Pese (Pese, Pese)
Aleluia (Aleluia)
O le La (O lou agaga oe)
Iesu o le fa'aola mai
ua 'ou 'oli'oli ai

Singing (singing, singing)
Hallelujah (Hallelujah)
Your like the sun (you're the light of my life)
Jesus you have saved me
this is the new song that i sing


The first Song was a "Thank You" song to Troy and team Nike, The second song was to God for blessing Samoa through the hands of one of his own Children.

I must imply that Samoa is a very Christian based land. In Samoa you will not be able to go five minutes in any direction and not see a Church. Hence Polamalu's Christian Background being as strong as it is. All businesses are closed on Sundays at least until Church is complete. It is not a Law it is respect the Samoan People have for God. Samoa is a state where Religion and State ARE NOT DIVIDED! The motto for the American Samoa Government is "Samoa Muamua Le Atua" (Samoa God is first) And for the neighboring Island of Independent Samoa theyre motto is Fa'avae i le Atua Samoa (God be the Foundation of Samoa).
 Courtesy of "Troyfortythree's" for the Youtube footage!  

Professional football player Troy Polamalu, whose long curly hair has been insured for $1 million has been commended by the Fono for his contribution to local athletic development through his contribution of $100,000 worth of football equipment.

Last month the football gear was presented to Lt. Gov. Faoa A. Sunia, who was accompanied by Education Department director Dr. Claire Poumele. It was made by Nike Sports Marketing Manager Forrest Sherman on behalf of Polamalu, who plays for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

For his generous contribution, a House Concurrent Resolution was approved this week by the Fono conveying sincere gratitude and appreciation to Polamalu, who the resolution says “is a household name in homes across the United States and American Samoa, especially those homes which”

Original sponsors of the resolution are Manu’a lawmakers, House Vice Speaker Laolagi F.S. and Reps. Fetu Feui Jr. and Talia Fa’afetai Iaulualo. Later the House amended the resolution to include all members of the House as co-sponsors.

According to the resolution the name ‘Troy’ was chosen by his modest mother Suila ‘Sue” Polamalu-Fiame of Ta’u, Manu’a, “for her youngest son, who mirrors his mother’s modesty as an adult.”

The resolution outlines personal information about the now 29-year old NFL player, who was born in Garden Grove, Calif. and his mother raised Troy and his brother and sisters on her own.  When Troy was nine years old, his mother took him and his siblings to visit her brother in Oregon.

“Troy truly enjoyed the town of Winston where his uncle Salu lived. It was a small community of people who knew each other well,” the lawmakers said in the resolution.

It also says that Troy’s mother and his uncles — former Sen. Fa’amausili Pola and Salu Polamalu — were instrumental in Troy’s “rise to fame.”

“Together they nurtured, encouraged and pushed him to utilize his God-given talents with humbleness and hard work,” according to the resolution, that adds Troy’s athletic talents began to exhibit in school where he was outstanding in baseball, basketball, and football.

Upon graduating from high school in 1998, Troy entered the University of Southern California and in hopes of learning more about his Samoan culture, he joined Polynesian clubs on campus.

The resolution outline several information during his football career at USC, where he “redshirted” his Freshman year and was a substitute safety and linebacker the following season.

Some of his football achievements at USC includes having been voted team captain; earned First Team All-Pac 10 Honors; named a 1st Team All American. He led his teammates with the most tackles since 1986, named USC’s first All-America’s Safety and voted the team’s Most Valuable Player.

“Troy graduated from USC, leaving a legacy of 278 tackles, 6 interceptions, 13 pass deflections and 4 blocked punt,” the measure says.

In his professional football career, Troy began in 2003 with the Steelers and his “diligent hard work with the Steelers won him two Super Bowl Championship in 2006 and 2009” and he’s been named to five Pro Bowls as well, according to the resolution.

It also noted the important and useful donation of over $100,000 worth of football equipment through his association with Nike which was shipped to the territory for local high school football players and coaches.

“The NFL-quality of the equipment has instilled a sense of pride in the athletes and Troy’s inspirational message positively boosted their morale for the entire season,” according to the Manu’a lawmakers.

“...the encouragement of those who traveled thousands of miles to present the equipment demonstrates the confidence that Troy and many others have that our children are destined for great futures if they work hard, remembering their Samoan heritage and not just themselves,” the lawmakers observed.

“The people of American Samoa commend and congratulate you, Troy, on your amazing accomplishments during your young life,” the approved resolution states. “You, along with Samoan athletes of the same NFL caliber, have continually brought your Samoan people to center stage.”

“...the Legislature of American Samoa, for itself and on behalf of the people...of American Samoa, expresses its gratitude and appreciation to you Troy Polamalu for your generosity,” the resolution concludes.

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