Thursday, October 7, 2010

Any Samoans In The House?

If so, please make Natanu Mageo your Facebook friend.

Mageo is on N.C. State's football team. It is particularly rare to have a Samoan football player on the East Coast. Most of 'em, and there's a bunch, play for West Coast schools. Hailing from Pago Pago in American Samoa (hope you caught the 60 Minutes piece on Samoan players defying the odds and making it to the NFL), Mageo was told by his father that maybe he should pick a West Coast school when he was ready to transfer from a New Mexico junior college.

But Natanu chose N.C. State.

"The biggest adjustment, I think, is talking so much English," Mageo said. "I never spoke English so much until I got here to Raleigh."

The Wolfpack player said he searches relentlessly for Samoans in the Raleigh area in order to talk about home but hasn't found a single one.

"I haven't seen one Samoan in Raleigh," Natanu  said. "I even tried to look them up on Facebook."

Any Samoans out there?

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