Monday, June 29, 2009

Hope in Cincinnati

Training sessions and fitness training camp prior to the final of the Bengals have brought together two of the young supporters who have created more expectations in recent years: Keith Rivers and Rey Maualuga.

Injuries, their enemies.

Both have been recruited in the past two Drafts after being stellar players on the defensive from the University of Souther California. Rivers was the first selection of the "Bengali" in 2008, but suffered a broken jaw in his rookie season in which a blocked him from Pittsburgh receiver Hines Ward on October 19.

Maualuga, meanwhile, who was one of the prospects for 2009 to be recruited in the first round, finally fell to number 38 to be taken in the second round by Cincinnati.

Both players were very consistent as to miss school only 11 games between them with the Trojans (Maualuga 6, Rivers 5) and now they are both part of the resurrection of the dreadful Bengals, who have had only one winning season in the last 18 years .

After his injury in 2008, Rivers lost 20 pounds when his jaw had to be traded. Already recovered in health and weight and now asked to be moved inside to outside supportive.

For its part, the first Samoan Maualuga has a season to adapt, but his trainer is confident that the process is complete.

"We're still very excited about the King," said coach Marvin Lewis. "I think he will go on special teams and everything. Find a way to search assignments for a King on the pitch as long as possible. "

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