Thursday, June 18, 2009

PIAA Football Combine a Valuable Event

Had a good time learning about the Eighth Annual PIAA Combine Saturday at Saint Louis, watching 277 football players get measured in various tests of strength, speed, agility.

What I liked best about it was the challenge and opportunity it presents for the kids. If you want to post good results, you cannot just show up to this event the day of, without any training or preparation in the weeks or months prior.

So that means most of these kids showed up in great shape, despite the season still being three months away. That's always good.

It also gives them a good indicator of where they are at, what they need to work on over the summer. Kahuku's newest transfer, VJ Fehoko, for example, was off the charts in the bench press (37 reps of 225 pounds), but I'm sure he would like to improve on his 40-yard dash time of 4.94.

Kailua receiver Corey Lau ran an astounding 4.44, but he weighed in at only 139.5 pounds (he's 5-8 1/2), so he probably wants to add at least five or 10 pounds of muscle to fill out his frame a little.

Doris Sullivan and her staff and Darnell Arceneaux and Eddie Klaneski and the other volunteers did an outstanding job making things run smoothly.

And at $10 per kid for registration, this was something any family could afford.

Especially when you consider the potential reward — a college scholarship offer.

But even for those who don't get offers, I'm sure just being in that atmosphere and participating will reap benefits over the summer and throughout next season.

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  1. 37 Reps of 225 lbs??!! My Bad!!

  2. Thats what I said BigWill! Sounds crazy, but its true... lol..