Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Wedding Plans Take Back Seat to Colts' Workouts

Fili Moala, a second-round draft pick, didn't wait although he and his bride, Jordan, agreed to delay a full-blown honeymoon. They went through graduation ceremonies at USC on May 15, were married in Los Angeles May 16 and traveled to Indianapolis so Moala could join the Colts' organized team activities that began May 19.

It's been a busy time.

"I love my wife to death. She comes first," Moala said. "But for me to take care of her, I've got to take care of business. She's very understanding. She knows what I've got to do."

The Moalas' "honeymoon" consisted of the couple spending about a week in Indy before Jordan returned to the West Coast.

"We just visited as many things as we could, did everything that everyone was talking about,'' Moala said. "We found a couple of hidden gems in the area, basically just looking for things to do so when the family comes out to visit us, we'll have some things to do."

Moala isn't off the hook for delivering a snazzy honeymoon. "We'll do something later on," he said.

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