Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Peko & StingRey Bringing the Heat


The Bengals are finding out rather quickly just how effective linebacker Rey Maualuga can be as a pass-rusher. I can tell you this, you’re not going to block him with a running back. Just ask Kenny Watson, who was thumped by Maualuga on a play when rushing the passer. Watson was left sprawled on the field like road kill. He had to shake out the cobwebs before being helped to his feet by teammates.

Maualuga is having a good overall showing in camp and is better in pass-coverage then he’s been given credit. He may be ahead of linebacker Rashad Jeanty in that category who has struggled in coverage.

Big butts in the middle

NFL teams may want to think twice about trying to run up the middle on the Bengals defense. Defensive tackles Domata Peko and Tank Johnson are proving to be a force clogging the middle up like the Hoover Dam. Johnson is nasty in the trenches and Peko is very agile for a big man. I watched Peko track down a 25-yard run to the outside. They play off one another extremely well.

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