Monday, September 21, 2009

Willie Tuitama is Waiting on the NFL and Your Table

Willie Tuitama is the Arizona Wildcats all-time leading passer and was the MVP of last year's Las Vegas Bowl. But right now what he really wants to know is which type of dipping sauce you want with your wings.

A tragically untimely DUI weeks prior to this year's NFL Draft left the former Wildcat quarterback undrafted. Now he finds himself a part-time staffer at a Buffalo Wild Wings in Tucson while enrolled in four fall semester classes at Arizona.

Which sounds about right for a guy who would have only been a low-round pick anyway. Toss in a glaring character issue that arises at the worst possible time and you're gonna be waiting out another shot at football for a little while. Tuitama told an Arizona Daily Star reporter that he had a "pro opportunity" coming up this week, though he wouldn't elaborate on it, only that he'd be willing to drop all the extra schooling for another chance at being a QB.

If anything, he seems like a prime UFL candidate, that is a college QB from a marginal program who has put up lots of stats. However, because of personal factors, may not be attractive to the NFL at the moment. If he can demonstrate continued success there, he could salvage a career he nearly squandered in one ill-considered night.

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