Monday, June 28, 2010

All Poly Camp Brings Best in Football to Bountiful

With the state high school football championships several months away, players across the country are already preparing for the upcoming season.

This last week, Bountiful High School played host to the All-Poly Sports football camp, which is one of the most popular and respected prep football camps in the nation. It has become an annual event at Bountiful High.

This football camp is one of the premier contact football camps in the nation and drew more than 330 participants from all over the United States. The majority of the participants were not from Utah.

The All-Poly Sports organization puts on three camps a year: one at Bountiful High School, one in America Samoa, and the last one in Hawaii.

The camps in Hawaii and America Samoa only allow for athletes from those islands.

The main focus of this football camp is to help athletes succeed in life, not just as athletes, but it helps students look beyond their athletic careers and prepare for the future. Alema Tao, the camp director, stated that the focus of the camp is to “promote higher education.”

“Camps and Clinics teach kids the importance of going to college,” Tao said. “The camp is also focused on building character and traits in these young men that will help them succeed in life beyond sports,” with his main goal being to get all of these athletes to college.

The camp was coached by former National Football League and college athletes as well as current college coaches.

Coaches from all over the nation and within Utah attended and spent time with the athletes.

These coaches and pro-athletes got a chance to talk to the camp attendees about the importance of attitude, perseverance, determination, and academics.

Last year, this camp, which had close to 150 seniors, graduated 43 athletes to division scholarships in athletics.

Bountiful coach Larry Wall is always left impressed by the camp, which he is not directly involved in. By watching from the sidelines Wall has been able to see the true work that goes into the camp.

“Alema does a great job every year getting sponsors, managing the logistics of getting the athletes from out of the state and the college coaches.

“I hope people understand the college coaches that come do so on their own dime,” he said. “There is not a stipend for these college coaches. It’s always a great week.”

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