Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Stephen Paea, 2011 NFL Draft Interview

Stephen Paea is one of the strongest most athletic defensive tackles in the nation. The All Pac-10 defensive tackle has proven he can play with the best at both inside and outside on the defensive line. Should be a front runner for a number of defensive awards during his senior year. Paea was on the fence about turning pro after his junior year but ultimately decided to return to OSU.
DraftSeason: Stephen, you enter you senior year at OSU as one of the nations top defensive lineman. What do you feel you have left to prove at the collegiate level?

Stephen Paea: To begin with I wanna thank you for wanting to interviewing me. I feel like I still need to work on my technique as a defensive lineman and be the best at it especially at this senior season. I don’t need to prove anybody anything. I am just blessed with all this god given abilities the only thing left to do is to show it on the field. But it all starts right now during the off season.

DraftSeason: Decision to return for your senior year… easy or difficult?

Stephen Paea: It was difficult at first because of my family situation but I worked it out with my family and we decided coming back for another year was the best option.

DraftSeason: Toughtest offensive lineman to face in the Pac-10?

Stephen Paea: I would say USC’s o-line because of their splits that they are taught to be in. They only have a foot away from each other. Barely any room to go through. But I dnt have a specific player.

DraftSeason: What do you feel is the best part of your game, what do you feel you need to improve?

Stephen Paea: Strength and speed is what I am blessed with n still need to be consistent with it. And I need to work more on my techniques and hands and just getting off blocks to make a play every play.

DraftSeason: Best OSU Beaver currently playing in the NFL?

Stephen Paea: We have a lot. You name it, Steven Jackson, Chad Ocho, Matt Moore, Al Afalava, Andy Levitre, Kyle Devan. But i’m gonna go with my boy Al.

DraftSeason: Greatest football moment during your career at Oregon State?

Stephen Paea: We played the Ducks, but we lost. Just the fact that my family was out there supporting me in the stands n seeing after the game was priceless.

DraftSeason: What youngster do you feel has the opportunity to be the next star in the coming years?

Stephen Paea: Look out for Marcus Wheaton and Jordan Bishop on the offense and Unga on the defense

DraftSeason: Finally, best football movie of all-time?
Stephen Paea:

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